Ruiqilong Wire Mesh & Wire Cloth Factory
Ruiqilong Wire Mesh & Wire Cloth Factory is a professional manufacturer of different wire mesh and wire cloth products, mainly stainless steel wire mesh and wire cloth, expanded metal mesh, brass wire mesh, galvanized square wire mesh, chain link fence, welded wire mesh, insect screening and more.

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We offer Woven Wire Mesh and Wire Cloth in different weaving types as listed below and a variety of metal materials. Our wire mesh expert can also do customer weaving products. Ruiqilong is also experienced in expanded metal, perforated metal and wire processing.

Twill Dutch Weave is a combination of the Hollander Weave and the twill weave. This tRQLe enables a strong wire cloth with super fine filtration. Ideal for fine filtration.
Five Heddle Weave has a smooth top surface and an open lower surface. It is ideal to withstand high mechanical strain and excellent filter performance.
Plain Dutch Weave is similar to plain weave, while the warp wires are thicker and lie closer to each other. This tRQLe of woven wire mesh is mainly used as industrial filter cloth and apparatus of separation.
Plain Weave with each warp wire going over and under the successive weft wires and vice versa ensuring the maximum of weaving stability and most accurate mesh openings.
Reverse Dutch Weave is the same as Dutch weave except the warp and weft wires are reversed.
Twill Weave allows a thicker wire and is suitable for heavy meshes. The wire position of twill weave wire mesh is less stable compared with plain weave.
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Started since 1988, Ruiqilong Wire Mesh & Wire Cloth Factory has over ten years experience of wire mesh production. This factory has advanced equipment, strong technical strength, scientific managment and complete inspection means to guarantee wire mesh products of high grade. Custom designs for wire mesh products are also available.

Primary products of Ruiqilong Wire Mesh & Wire Cloth Factory are: <1> woven wire mesh: stainless steel wire mesh, brass wire mesh, galvanized square wire mesh, welded wire mesh, insect screening, fencing mesh; <2> stainless steel wire cloth, black wire cloth, nickel wire cloth, brass wire cloth, phosphor bronze wire cloth, etc; <3> metal processing: expanded metal in steel, stainless steel, nickel, aluminum, brass, perforated metal; <4> wire processing: galvanized iron wire, hot-dipped galvanized iron wire, annealed wire, PVC coated iron wire, barbed wire, razor barbed wire, etc. The annual output of expanded metal mesh is 360,000 rolls and that of stainless steel woven wire mesh 480,000 rolls. Besides above, Ruiqilong also produces 100,000 rolls of different wire mesh products every year, mainly iron insect screening, galvanized square-hole wire mesh, hexagonal wire netting, galvanized welded wire mesh and some other kinds. Wire mesh products offered by Ruiqilong are well received by worldwide customers due to its fine quality and reasonable price.
It is our vision that long-term cooperation can only be established on the basis of product quality and good reputation is to be built in the cooperation. Ruiqilong Wire Mesh & Wire Cloth Factory cordially hopes to set up good business relationship with customers in China as well as the world on the basis of mutual benefit and sincere cooperation.
1, stainless steel wire mesh more
Stainless Steel Wire Materials: SUS302, 304, 316, 304L, 316L.
TRQLical Weaving Patterns: Plain weave, twill weave, dutch weave.
General Use: Stainless steel wire mesh, with its excellent resistance against acid, alkali, heat and corrosion, finds extensive uses in processing of oils, chemicals, food, pharmaceuticals, also sorting and screening of solid, liquid and gas in mine, metallurgy, airspace, machine making, etc.


2, expanded metal mesh more
Materials: Sheet in aluminum, mild steel, stainless steel, Al-Mg alloy, copper or nickel.
Process: Punched into holes of diamond shape, square, round, triangle, scale hole.
General Use: With good strength, wear resistance and nice looking, expanded sheet metal mainly serves to construction of railway, roads, buildings; also protection of machines, electrical appliances, windows and acquatic products breeding.
3, Brass Wire Mesh & Brass Wire Cloth more
Brass Wire Materials: Brass wire H68, H80
TRQLical Weaving Patterns: Plain weave, twill weave
Brass Wire Mesh General Use: Filter or sorting of kinds of powder, clay, liquid and gas.


4, Dutch Woven Wire Cloth more
Dutch Woven Wire Cloth is also known as fiter cloth or micron cloth.
Wire Materials: Mild steel wire, brass wire, nickel wire, stainless steel wire, polyester fiber.
TRQLical Weaving Patterns: Dutch plain, Dutch twill, Dutch reverse.
General Use of Dutch Wire Cloth: Filtering and screening in airspace, oil and chemicals.
5, Square Hole Wire Mesh more
Black Iron Wire Cloth
Galvanized Iron Square Wire Mesh
Hardware Wire Cloth (Also known as Hot-dipped Zinc Plating Square Wire Mesh)
Wire Materials: Mild steel wire or galvanized iron wire.
Weaving Patterns: Plain weave,twill weave.
General Use: Square hole wire mesh is widely used in breeding, construction and other industrial use. Black iron wire cloth can be further processed into wire mesh discs, used in filtering and sorting in rubber, oil, chemicals, grains.


6, Welded Wire Mesh more
Wire Materials: Mild steel wire, stainless steel wire, galvanized steel wire, hot-dipped zinc plating iron wire.
Process: Galvanized after weaving or galvanized before weaving.
Finish: Electric galvanizing, hot-dip zinc plating, stainless steel or PVC coated.
General Use: Welded Wire Mesh with excellent corrosion resistance and oxidation resistance, is extensively used as fencing, decoration and machinery protection material in agriculture, construction, transport, mine, sports field, lawn and various industrial fields.
7, mesh fence more
Wire Materials: Mild steel wire, Al-Mg alloy wire.
Process: Weaving, welding.
General Use: Chain link fence mainly serves in protection of road, railway, airport, residence, port, garden and farms.


8, Barbed Wire more
Wire Materials: Galvanized steel wire, PVC coated iron wire in blue, green, yellow and other colors.
General Use: Barbed wire mainly serves in protecting of grass boundary, railway, highway, etc.
9, Insect Screen Netting more
Wire Materials: Mild steel wire, stainless steel wire, Al-mg alloy wire, galvanized iron wire, PVC wire, aluminum wire, chemical fiber.
General Use: With light weight, good flexibility and easy cleaning, window screen netting is mainly used in hotels, public buildings, civil residences against bugs, insects, etc.


10, Welded Wire Mesh in Piece more
Also called welded wire mesh panels.
Wire Materials: Galvanized iron wire, black iron wire, PVC coated iron wire
General Use: Wire mesh pieces serve mainly in construction and feeding.
wire and wire mesh product lists
stainless steel wire mesh expanded metal mesh brass woven wire mesh dutch woven wire cloth
square Hole Wire Mesh Welded Wire Mesh mesh fence barbed wire
black wire cloth hexagonal wire netting Insect screen netting Welded Wire Mesh Panel
Plastic Flat Netting crimped wire mesh gabions glassfiber insect screening
industrial filtration paper diamond wire mesh wire mesh conveyor belt PVC coated wire mesh
barbed tape wire Polyester Wire Mesh barbecue grill netting filter wire mesh
stainless steel wire galvanized iron wire nickel wire black iron wire
aluminum alloy wire brass wire steel wire cut wire
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